GTA 6 Mobile – Fan-made New Map Update

That’s all we know from leaks

• 2 main characters: male & female (visibly a couple) . Their names are Jason & Lucia.
• The game is set in modern-day Vice City.
• Game will revolve around robberies & heists (both characters can be seen robbing a store. Possible coop?).
• Game will have stealth mechanics.
• You can carry a limited amount of guns.
• You can drop a gun and pick a new one.
• You can rob stores and containers at the docks (may contain vehicles, weapons, cash etc.).

• Game still uses the Euphoria physics engine.
• You can shoot while swimming.
• You can carry bodies.
• You can use the Vice City metro to get around the city.
• Clothes have physics.
• You can move while being prone.
• You can move and shoot while crouching.
• Police is much smarter during gunfights.
• More drive-by options (you can sit and shoot from the passenger window or a cargo bed).
• Wall cover mechanics similar to GTA 5.
• You can jump to cover (similar animation to RDR2).
• Cars are highly interactive (you can adjust armrest, open glovebox, adjust seat position, rear-view mirror etc.) How this affects gameplay and benefits player is still unclear.
• More robbery options & behaviors (Some NPCs will drop to their knees and you can restrain them).

• Note Before Downloading

File Name : VI_0.2.1.apk- Game Size : 527.3 MB- Need Android 6.0+  & At Least 4GB Ram- Wait 10 seconds and click button “Download File”

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